Chile stuffed with cheese, homemade recipe

The recipe for chile relleno is one of the most homemade meals of all that exist in Mexican cuisine.

This dish is a classic of midday meals, visits to grandmother and of the popular kitchens that offer food corrida

Recipe of chile relleno

There is a world of possibilities to prepare the filling of this recipe: chile relleno con carne, chile relleno de tuna , chile stuffed with cheese, chicken, vegetables ...

Today we are going to cook the simplest and fastest of these preparations: the chile stuffed with cheese.

Keep in mind that you can help with wooden chopsticks, if you want to keep chiles closed during cooking.

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Stuffed Chile, Mexican recipe

Recipe of cooking to prepare, step by step, a very Mexican dish: the stuffed chiles. The result will be a chili as homemade as the one prepared by the grandmothers, or like the one that is obtained in the popular kitchens that offer corrida food.Failing that, we can use a frying pan. The idea is to turn them over and roast them all over their faces.
  • We will also peel our teeth of garlic and roast them, like the piece of onion.
  • Next, we will roast poblano peppers We will rotate them over the griddle or griddle, or even directly over the fire. Possibly, the skin will blister or blacken in some places. This is normal.
  • Let the peppers rest for five minutes, locked in a plastic bag, to sweat. Then, we will carefully remove the skin. The process we have done previously will make this step easier. If necessary, you can help by passing them under a stream of water to remove the last pieces of skin left.
  • To continue, with a sharp knife, we will make a lateral cut of the head to the lower end of each chili.
  • Very carefully, we will help with the knife to remove the seeds from the inside of each chili, and the vein or white part. We will do this through the vertical cut we made in the previous step.
  • Short the panela cheese in bars and distribute it in equal parts to fill all the chiles. Introduce the cheese bars in each chili, through the vertical cut.
  • Chillies baked in a refractory or similar container, for 20 minutes.
  • While So much, we will use to prepare the sauce or sauce. In a blender, we will process the roasted tomatoes with or without skin (I prefer to leave the skin), garlic, onion, parsley leaves (well washed), chicken broth and a touch of salt, pepper and oregano./div>
  • Once the liquid is well filled, we will transfer it to a pot and keep it on fire low. It is advisable to try it to verify and correct the seasoning, if necessary.
  • When we take out the chiles from the oven, we will serve them on a plate, bathed with a little caldillo. If we have used wooden sticks to close them, we must remove them before serving.
  • We can decorate the chiles with pieces of meat, such as chorizo ​​or beef, or with finely chopped herbs, such as cilantro or parsley.

    Stuffed or battered stuffed chiles

    Previously, we prepared a chile relleno without capering. Now, we will explain how to make a chile relleno capeado. Naturally, the result will be more caloric than in the previous case.

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    To prepare the caped peppers, we will follow the recipe explained above, but making two changes. The first is that we will not use the oven, but a pan.Then, we are going to separate the yolks from the egg whites.

  • With these last ones, we will make a sparkling shake, to coat the stuffed chiles. Once they are well beaten and we have obtained a foam consistency, we will add the yolks and mix everything very well.
  • Next to the bowl with the beaten eggs, we will have a plate with 5 or 6 tablespoons of flour. We will distribute it evenly.
  • Then, in a frying pan, heat a jet of oil, over medium-high heat. Before frying the chiles, we will pass them through the beaten eggs and then through the flour, turning them over so that they cover the entire surface.
  • We will fry each chili until the batter layer turns yellow or Golden. It will have to be turned over so that all its surface is uniform.
  • When removing the chilies from the oil, we will place them in a dish covered with absorbent paper, to remove excess fat.
  • To serve, we can accompany them with caldillo, in the same way as for the preparation without capear.
  • Tips for the preparation of the stuffed chili

    • For the recipe of Chile stuffed with cheese, we have proposed using panela cheese. However, other similar cheeses can also be used.
    • If you are out of Mexico or do not know the varieties of chilies well, we leave you with this link so that you know the characteristics of the poblano pepper. If where you are, you do not get this type of vegetable, you can look for some pepper or similar paprika (basic, it has to be green and large).
    • For a totally homemade recipe, instead of using broth from dehydrated chicken, you can prepare yours with our chicken broth recipe.
    • One technique that helps to remove the skin of the chiles, is to enclose them in a plastic bag after having roasted on the comal or the fire. This makes the chiles begin to sweat, and after a few minutes, it is easier to remove the skin.
    • You can accompany the chiles rellenos with red rice and refried beans.

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    Bon appetit.