Recipe for easy Mexican quesadillas

Quesadillas are among the most versatile dishes of Mexican cuisine, along with tacos.

Quesadillas can be prepared with corn or wheat tortillas, but to my taste, they are much better with the first In fact, also for my taste, wheat tortillas are more for burritos or for synchronized.

Speaking of something else, in Mexico the quesadillas provoke an endless discussion. In principle, the word quesadilla sounds like something that carries cheese, but not necessarily for the inhabitants of Mexico City. In the country's capital, quesadillas can be filled with almost anything. So in that case, the art of preparing fillings (such as chorizo ​​with potatoes, chicken tinga, mushrooms or huitlacoche, chicharrón, pumpkin flower or picadillo) becomes the protagonist. But in the rest of Mexico, and in the world, quesadillas are stuffed with cheese. So our recipe will be cheese quesadillas (yes, I know that sounds redundant).

How to prepare easy quesadillas

This recipe will be easy and short because we are going to start preparing the tortillas. Once the tortillas are prepared (better if they are fresh and still hot), let's start with the list of ingredients for our recipe for quesadillas.

With respect to cheese in Mexico, the most commonly used is Oaxaca cheese or quesillo: white, soft, and easy to separate into strands.Its preparation is very easy as you will see below.

Type of cuisine Mexican
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Author Lola Alfonzo


  • Tortillas: two per person.
  • Cheese to melt *: 1/5 kilo grated or chopped.
  • Vegetable oil.