How to make esquites - Popular Mexican recipe

When I think of Mexican street food, the esquites are one of the first dishes that come to my mind.

In fact, maybe I should refer to "glasses" instead of "plates" , because the esquites are always served in the first ones. In this way, it is possible to keep the broth with corn or corn grains, and even to walk while eating.

Mexican Esquis recipe

The recipe for the esquites changes a little, depending on the region of the country where they are consumed. Today we are going to prepare them with a recipe in the style of those obtained in the central zone of Mexico.

The ears of corn that we will use for this recipe must be peeled, without hairs and husks.

glass with Mexican skits

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glass with mexican skits
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Traditional Mexican esquites

Recipe to prepare, step by step, one of the most representative dishes of street food in Mexico, or" antoj Mexican itos ": the esquites.Then, we will open it to remove the vein and the seeds, and we will chop the pulp very finely.
  • Wash the epazote well and separate it into several parts.
  • To continue, let's heat a large skillet (over medium heat) with the butter, until it melts.
  • When the lard is hot, add the pieces of onion to the pan, and cook until they begin to become transparent.
  • Then we will add the cleaned corn grains, the chile serrano (optional), the pieces of epazote, a pinch of salt and the chicken broth.
  • We will mix the ingredients well and cover the pot, to let them cook for 8 minutes.
  • After this time , we will check the consistency of corn kernel, to see if it is ready or if necessary, let it cook a little more. We will also check the seasoning. If necessary, we will correct it with a little more salt.
  • To serve, use glasses or cups, and fill them with grains and broth, helping with a soup ladle. You can water the corn with lemon juice, or give a piece of lemon to each diner, to do this personally.
  • Place a bit of mayonnaise on the skits. Sprinkle with grated white cheese, with chili powder and optionally, with a little more salt.
  • How to make esquites - Popular Mexican recipe

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    Advice for the preparation of the eschs

    • To prepare the recipe for the esquites, we need the corn to be tender. Normally, the grains in better conditions yield to pressure with both fingers on one of the grains.
    • If you do not have butter, or if you do not like using this ingredient, you can replace it with butter. However, in the street stalls in Mexico, the use of butter is much more common.
    • If you do not get a serrano pepper to prepare the esquites, you can replace it with a chile de árbol. If you prefer that the esquites do not sting or pique less, you can do without the chili during the preparation, and only add chile piquín powder to each glass, at the moment of serving (or flat, do not add anything).
    • If you have more time to prepare this recipe, instead of just cooking all the ingredients in the pan, you can prepare a broth and let it cook a little more time, so that it is impregnated with flavor, like the saucepans. that you will find in some street stalls. The result is wonderful.

    If you are not Mexican, you may not know that in Mexico the word corn is used to refer to corn. In fact, this word is very old and comes from Nahuatl.

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