How to make Mexican picadillo

Today we will learn how to make ground beef mince, Mexican style.

Beef picadillo is one of the most homemade recipes of Mexican gastronomy, like pork rind in green sauce or the mole de olla.

Recipe for Mexican picadillo

Do not confuse the Mexican beef picadillo with another similar dish, the Cuban picadillo. The latter carries olives, among other ingredients.

Mexican picadillo recipe

 recipe Mexican picadillo
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Picadillo a la mexicana

Cooking recipe to prepare, step by step, a very homemade picadillo, like those of the most traditional cuisines from Mexico.We will reserve these two ingredients for the preparation of the stew.
  • Then, we will liquefy the Ingredients for the caldillo: tomatoes, half an onion, half a teaspoon of coffee, half teaspoon of cumin powder, garlic clove, a touch of black pepper. To all this, we will add a cup and a half of water.
  • Once obtained a uniform consistency, we will reserve this smoothie.
  • Then, we will chop the average onion that we will use to prepare the meat.
  • The next thing will be to heat a frying pan with a squirt oil and fry the onion, over medium heat.
  • When the onion begins to become transparent, we will incorporate the carrot pieces. Let them cook for five minutes.
  • Next, we will add the potato to cook it for five more minutes.
  • Next, we'll add the ground meat to the pan.
  • Mix and season with a touch of salt and pepper.
  • Let the meat cook. It is easy to know when y'a is ready, thanks to the change of color. This will take a few minutes.
  • Then, add the peas, the sauce or caldillo and the bay leaf. Mix and cook the whole for 10 minutes, with lid.
  • After this time, Try the picadillo and if necessary, correct the seasoning with more salt or pepper. If you want the hash to be less smooth, let it cook without a lid for a few more minutes.
  • That's it. The forcemeat is ready to be served.
  • Accompany the picadillo with rice or fresh corn tortillas made, to prepare some taquitos.

    Tips for the preparation of picadillo

    • If you wish, you can incorporate one or two tablespoons of chipotle chili at the moment of liquefying the ingredients for the sauce or collection. This will give a taste a little more spicy to the preparation, but also more sweet and very tasty.
    • It is not mandatory to peel the potatoes. I do not do it all the time, and the skin of this vegetable represents an additional contribution of fiber. But if you decide to leave the skin of the potatoes, it is important that you wash them very, very well.
    • For a more spicy picadillo, you can add one or two serrano peppers to the preparation. Wash them well, remove the seeds, the head and the vein, and cut them into very small pieces. Add them to the beef when mixed with the peas and the stew.
    • For a thicker or more tomato-flavored hash, you can add 4 tablespoons of tomato puree to the beef, at the time of mixing it with the peas and the caldillo.